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I Won!! My GuideCraft Pirate Toy Chest Arrived!!

I love the pirate motif on the front! So classic!

Wow! GuideCraft does not waste any time shipping their products out. I am suprised it showed up just a little over a week after I won ! Fast shipping, I love that in a company!

I can't tell you how suprised I was to win this amazing prize on 'Raising My Four Sons' at the last moment! This was a very unexpected win! I believe I was the second to last person to enter on the very last day with only a few hours remaining in this contest! I am still so shocked and amazed at this truly Awesome win!

(Also, don't forget to check out Raising My Four Sons new giveaways. There are still many great prizes to be won on her blog!)

My family and I are so excited and please with this toy box ! It's a shame I was not home when the package arrived. I was told by my son Patrick that the box containing the toy box weighed a whopping 55 lbs! Too bad I don't have any photo's of it in it's original packaging or the assembly. My son , like a kid on Christmas morning, couldn't wait to tear it open and put it together!

Putting this toy box together was a cinch too! All my son needed was a Phillips Head screwdriver to complete the task. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. It only took him an hour or so to put the toy box together which is pretty good timing considering the size.

I also love that the toy box comes with a 1 year limited warranty just in case any problems arise in the packaging and/or shipping and handling of this product. This toy box came with a special safety lid support that keeps the lid open and prevents it from closing by itself. I believe this safety feature comes with all their toy boxes. The safety lid support is definitely a must have with little ones to prevent injuries to tiny hands and fingers. This is the feature I felt was most important in regards to my granddaughters safety! GuideCraft really has thought of it all when it comes to children and safety.

Other than the very important safety issues mentioned, cleaning this toy box couldn't be easier either! Just dampen a washcloth with a little water and wipe. Simple! The instruction's do state not to use any type of cleaners on it as it may damage the paint. It is ok, however, to add mild soap to your dampened washcloth if needed.

                                   My Gorgeous Granddaughter Natalee enjoying her new toy box!

Overall, words cannot express how well made and thought out this GuideCraft toy box really is. I could ramble on forever but you really have to see one of their toy boxes in person or purchase one for yourself to understand the true quality and excellent craftmanship displayed in this product.  All I can say is I am now a die hard fan of GuideCraft's products and will definitely be making lots of purchases from GuideCraft in the future.

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  1. Love that pic of her in the toy box! I am so glad you like it!!! I love that it is sturdy enough for my 4 rowdy boys!

    I hope you had a great Mother's Day! :)


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