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My Coffee Pot is Leaking Again!!

Grrrr, Ok, I have a serious complaint!

In my household, coffee is a must have beverage in the morning and my 12 cup Black & Decker coffee pot my DM bought for me won't stop leaking all over my countertops when I pour water into the resevoir! This coffee pot was a Christmas gift from mom and I don't have the heart to tell her about it because she was so proud of this gift when she gave it to DH and I.

This water leaking issue has been consistent since we got the coffee pot and it's really starting to bug me.  All the other mechanisms and devices on my coffee pot seem to be in working order but the water leakage has become a huge problem and mess!!

So I suppose the upside to this problem is I still end up with my cup of coffee.
The obvious downside, I end up with water all over my counter and myself!

Upside--I get to pick out a new coffee pot tommorrow.
Downside--I have to spend money on a new coffee pot tommorrow.

Honestly Black & Decker, what went wrong with this coffee pot design? I have owned several Black & Decker products in the past and have always been a happy, satisfied customer of theirs.

For example, I used to own a Black & Decker blender and it worked just fine, the only issue I ever had with it was with the blades. The blades do dull over time and usage but that is to be expected. I still own my Black & Decker toaster oven I bought 5 years ago and that works great!

 I've tried everything I can with my coffee pot to find and fix the existing problems but to no avail! I've  fiddled with it, checked the inside of the resevoir with hubby's flashlight but can't seem to locate the problem.  I'm not sure if it's the carafe leaking or the coffee maker! Very frustrating indeed!

After trying several times to fix my Black & Decker coffee pot, I decided to do some online research. I found several complaints at Seems like this coffee pot isn't just an issue in my house! This coffee pot has caused leakage problems for a lot of owners!

I really do not want to have to replace an item I recieved only 5 months ago but it seems I'll have no choice.

What a bummer!

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