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Charleston Naturally Core Bamboo Bowls I won on Sweeps4Bloggers!

 Thank you Charleston Naturally!

The Charleston Naturally Bamboo Bowl Set I Won!

Thank you Sweeps4Bloggers!

The Core Bamboo Large Bucket Bowl (natural) (ARV-$40)
You can also choose from 2 other rich colors like Emerald or Poppy

I love knowing these bowls are 100% Eco-friendly & organic. The bamboo bowls are made with 100% naturally grown bamboo. Also, the lime matte' finish on the small bucket bowls is a natural lacquer which comes from cashew trees.

The Core Bamboo Bucket Bowl In Lime (ARV-$25)
These bamboo bowls also come in 2 other stylish colors: Banana & Mandarin

Charleston Naturally is an environmentally friendly company based in South Carolina which specicalizes in a variety of unique, all natural products. From Home Decor to their Kids & Critters section, you can always find something to suit your tastes and budget. It really pleases me to know there are companies like Charleston Naturally who truly believe in giving back to society with their ethical and social practices.

Charleston Naturally Believes In Social Responsibility:

Charleston Naturally is giving back to our global community by being socially responsible in their employment practices. For example, I discovered the Core Bamboo bowl set I received was handcrafted by talented artisans from all over the world. Charleston Naturally employees, some living in economically challenged countries, benefit from the steady wages earned through the company. The money these craftsman earn through their employment with Charleston Naturally is money spent within their local communities. This creates economic stability within their community which benefits everyone in the long run.

My Personal Review & Opinions:

I was contacted by email the very next day after I won the bowls by Charleston Naturally's PR representative. She was very polite and had my bowls in the mail the very next day! Talk about great service! I am so very pleased with the quality of the bamboo bowls I received.

When the bowls arrived they were packaged very well in a large box so no damage would occur during the shipping process. They were also much larger and lighter than I expected! I also took notice of the handles on each side of the bowls. These handles made lifting the bowls a breeze. In my opinion, these bowls are beautifully crafted eye candy for the kitchen! I especially love the lime green colored bowls.

The bamboo bowls also have that modern, up-to-date look I love. The Core Bamboo Bowl set is definitely a must have for anyone needing to add a little contemporary style to their kitchen!

I decided to display my bowl set on top of my kitchen counter and my kitchen has never looked so good! No Way are these bowls going in my cupboard! I am displaying these bowls proudly for all my family and friends to see.

Overall, I feel very fortunate to have won the Charleston Naturally Organic Core Bamboo Bowl Set in the Sweeps 4 Bloggers giveaway. I was even more fortunate to have found a company Like Charleston Naturally that I can feel good about purchasing from! I already have my eye on the "Bambu All Occasion Veneerware Plates." Here is one customers review taken from the Charleston Naturally website:
"plates" - Caroline (3/3/10) "These were the perfect choice for our family picnic- we were able to rinse some off and reuse them later....and we didn't add to a landfill!"

I love Eco-friendly companies who produce high quality products at reasonable prices!

So, If your looking to purchase from an Eco-friendly company with unique items who really cares about environmental and social issues, look no Further than Charleston Naturally!

Correction- Many apologies! I made and error in location when writing this this review. Please note!  Charleston Naturally is a South Carolina based company!

Disclaimer: I received the Core Bamboo bowl set as a prize. This review is based solely on my thoughts, personal opinion and experience with The Core Bamboo Bucket Bowls.


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  2. What a great detailed review!


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