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This time it's an Octopus!

Just barely awake as I write this with out my afternoon cup a' Joe. I need an energy boost and fast after last nights stint on the comp! Have to keep entering...have to....find giveaways. Addicted to blogs and giveaways I will admit, but is it really bad for you if your having so much fun while doing it? My son Patrick says I am totally addicted by now. Only been blogging a few weeks and already headed for blog rehab lol. Not quite yet though:}
While searching Prizey this morning, I found a gem of a blog called "Haute Tot and Baby Couture" and they are giving away the cutest little Octopus counter baby toy by "Image Play." Today is the final day to enter so hurry on up get your entries in, you won't want to miss this one.
Well, I am off to brew a fresh pot of coffee so I will leave you all with the links

Here's your links:


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