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THERMAPAK Givaway At I Like It Frantic!!

I have read through several of Holly's reviews on "I Like It Frantic" and as a blogger and product reviewer, she definitely comes across as an honest reviewer in my opinion. I absolutely love that in a blogger. Honesty and Integrity in product reviews! Definitely a plus for all her readers

Win It!!

'I Like It Frantic' has teamed up with Thermapak for a laptop cooler review and giveaway! Thermapak is a product I have been meaning to try since I've seen their product reviews on other blogs lately, but just haven't got around to yet. I may be sorry though when my newly purchased laptop overheats!!

Holly's blog (I Like It Frantic) gives a Thermapak review that is straightforward and to the point! Regardless, I still like to formulate my own opinion on particular products, even giveaways, so I made it a point of my own to visit Thermapak's website and educate myself on this particular product. I must tell you I was not disappointed with how imformative their website was and how easy it was to navigate.

Too often I find when I visit websites, I tend to get lost in all the fine print and extra details. It seems to take way longer than it should to find certain details or information regarding products ect... Not Thermapak's! Their website layout is very organized, professional, and informative. All the answers to all those questions you may have about their product are just a mouse click away.

Example, how does Thermapak's cooling technology work? Easy! Just look to the header and find 'HeatShift' and all those nagging questions about Thermapak technology are answered. I loved how easy it was to comprehend, especially for someone as technologically challenged as I am!

I only wish I had known about Thermapak sooner, preferably before my other laptop overheated and stopped working!

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