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Pillow pet giveaway at 'Life with 5 Monkies'

The Monkies are at it again! Giving away these super cute little pillow pets by none other than....."Pillow Pets." Now, I have seen these before and thought they were adorable, but now that little 'Natalee' is here, I really want one! I am going in for the win as I always say. However, my total wins add up to one so far. Not a bad win if you consider it was an Easter Basket. A 'Hey Rabbit' Easter basket by Sergio Ruzzier. Yeah, score one for me!!! Really, it's score one for Natalee, she is my motivation to keep trying. Why, because she is worth it.
If you guys are interested in winning one of those cute little buggers i.e. 'Pillow Pets,' I will post the link. Good luck bloggers and bloggies alike. I'm off to find my next treasure I can't live without.
Chow and stay safe folks!

Here are the links I promised:

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