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Gotta Have My 'SUGAR POP RIBBONS' Giveaways!!

Can't sleep so what do I do? I search the web frantically looking for contest I might have missed. Sorry, it's the blog addict in me. Anyhoo, I pulled my favorite blog i.e. "Sugar Pop Ribbon," out of my favorites blog collection on my Pc and entered contest like crazy. Right now she has amazing product reviews and giveaways I feel I must share with you.
Here are a few of many she has listed and these giveaways are 'SPECTACULAR' finds in my opinion.
1. I entered the "SlimWare Plates giveaway." These plates are designed with portion control in mind and their designs are really beautiful. I epecially love the 'Central Park' set because I love natural designs and the color green. However, if I won these I would not be keeping them:( They would be a gift to my dear sweet mom for Mother's Day.

2. The "AmyKathryn" bags are gorgeous and trendy. I chose the 'Carnation' bag. I love the design of the bag and their also built for major storage i.e. compact, wallet, small child.........just kidding about the latter (lol), but seriously, I think one could actually fit inside. Their HUGE. I mean, what lady doesn't love extra room to their necessities around in. I would LOVE to win this. I am a huge fan of BIG purses. I would love to add one of these babies to my growing collection.

3. The "Natures Gate" giveaway. What can I say, I love 'all natural' products by companies who CARE about the environment. 'Natures Gate' provides products that are ecologically friendly and cruelty free. I would love to win this product. I have sensitive skin and often purchase natural products like lotions and soaps. This product is one you can feel good about using.

4. Next. One 'Whole' gallon of Tropical Traditions Organic Palm Shortening. Who couldn't use a gallon of shortening that's supposed to be better for you than regular, loaded with trans-fats grease. I would love to win this item because I love to bake and I love to eat!

5. Next, a $140 dollar "Beco Baby Carrier." These carriers have a very cute design and keep baby snug and close to mommy (or grandmommy). I would love to win this for my 3 month old granddaughter Natalee. Neither I, dad, or mom has one and anyone with infants will tell you how tired their arms get from holding baby. Natalee loves to be held and when we are out and about, a baby carrier can sometimes be more of a hassle than help. It would be great to win one of these just so we all can give our arms a rest occasionally.

6. The "Laken and Lila" skirt giveaway is next on my list of hopeful wins. The clothes are hand made and adorable and can also be found on 'Etsy'. I love that my granddaugter would be wearing an item that is as unique as she is. I would love to win this for her for that reason alone.

7. Yeah! snacks from "Michael Season's are a better alternative to fatty snacks. Who dosen't like potatoe chips to snack on. I know I do but I am always looking for a healthier alternative and these snacks fit the bill. I would love to win this prize just to try the yummy sounding 'Yogurt & Green Onion' chips. Healthy alternatives are always a winner in my household.

8. Then there is the "Kemby sidekick diaper bag" giveaway. These bags have multiple functions and uses and also comes in my favorite color 'green.' These diaper bags are great for on the go moms. Just throw in a few diapers ect... and off you go. These bags are stylish. I would love to win this for my daughter-in-law Michiah because this bag is gorgeous and very functional.

9. Next is the "Pretty Peacock" giveaway. Pretty peacock makes lovely jewelry that anyone would be proud to own or give as a gift. I would love to win this one for myself this time. I often don't wear enough jewelry and with Spring here and Summer on it's way, I need some bling to show off!!

10. The 'Amano Artisian Chocolate' giveaway. I love chocolate and whenever there's an opportunity to try a new brand of chocolate, I'm in to win!! The folks at Amano have apparently created some of the best. Just go to their website and check out the list of awards they have one. Very impressive indeed! I would love to win this. I consider myself a bit of a chocolate conisseur and this giveaway would allow me to broaden my 'chocolate horizons.' The ocumate milk chocolate looks heavenly.

11. The 'Britax' stroller giveaway. Anytime I see an contest item I would be proud to show my little granddaughter off with is a contest I am entering. Why would I want to win this compact, colorful, lightweight stroller by Britax? Because it's perfect, easy peasy pack it up, go, and show stroller and baby off to everyone!!

12. Next on her amazingly long list of SUPER AWESOME GIVEAWAY'S is the 'Paulina Carach' purse giveaway. These purses are multifuncional and on my list of 'must haves.' I love the 'Alexa blue lambskin' and the 'Fushcia lambskin.' I have an assortment of bags and purses and would be more than honered to add her designer bags to my growing collection. I would love to win it but if not I will just have to break out 'ye ole credit card' and buy said purse(s).

13. Finally, remember these are giveaways that I have entered, there are many other giveaways listed on her blog to enter.
--My #1 'I wanna win' Item is the " Summer Infant 'Sleek&Secure' handheld baby video monitor" Boy do I need to win this. We have a 3 month old without one right now and baby monitors just make life with baby easier. No getting up every 5 minutes to check on her when you can see her from wherever you are in the home. I will be watching and tweeting diligently on this one.
You can also find 'SUGAR POP RIBBONS' button on my right sidebar (scroll down).

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