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Did I mention I love gift baskets?

Guess what I found on prizey this morning bloggers and bloggies (very very early this morning!) Okay, here it is, I found a blog called " The Bragging Mommy" and she is giving away one of my very favorite gifts to give and recieve (as noted in the title of my blog :)....wait for it.....a Sweet Decadence Chocolate Gift Basket by!!!! My mouth is watering right now as I write this and I think I just put on 5 pounds thinking about all those delicious treats.
I admit, I don't need this gift basket because I could stand to lose a few pounds but I think I will give in to temptation just this once and go all in to win.
So come on all you gift basket and chocolate lovers, head over to "The Bragging Mommy," and enter to win! I don't mind some friendly competition. Don't forget to check out Gourmet Gift Baskets as well. I will post links to 'The Bragging Mommy' and to 'Gourmet Gift Baskets' so have fun and good luck.

Here are the links:

You can also find her button on my sidebar (scroll down)
the bragging mommy

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