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Designer Catbox Review and Giveaway!

Designer Catbox Review and Giveaway!

Cat Owners Take Notice!! Do you hate having to look at your cat litter box. Well, I just found a gem of a blog called " The Art of Being Mom" and right now she is giving away a Gorgeous catbox by "Designer Catbox."

Normally I don't get this excited over most products but this is one product that I could definitely use! I love my cat Marshmellow dearly. He has been our loyal family pet for over 5 years but I hate the cleanup involved in owning a cat. I clean his catbox out daily but no matter what, that undeniable smell of cat urine seems to permeate throughout the house. I tend to leave my windows open in an attempt to air it out but that odor just seems to linger in the air.

Another pet peeve of mine is the unsightly cat box that I try to hide in my laundry room. Seems no matter how hard I try it's still in the way and still discusting to look at. Now, don't get me wrong, I do love my kitty but who loves the messes they leave behind? I know I don't and I have tried those plastic, covered cat litter boxes but for some reason Marshmellow hates them and refuses to use them. I had to get rid of the last one as he took to doing his business outside of his cat box!

This Designer Catbox is absolutely gorgeous! Not only is it a beautiful to look at, but it hides the cat litterbox from unsuspecting visitors and all the accessories for it or stored inside with the litterbox. How convenient is that! It just seems like an ideal product for a cat lover like myself who dosen't want everyone to see what the cat, when nature calls, leaves behind.

Well, I'm off folks to search out more great blog giveaways to tell you about. Follow the links here to enter this awesome giveaway and Good Luck!

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