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Baby bunch egg nest are too cute

Been off doing my nightly contest hunting and found a brand new blog (well,new to me anyway) called 'Is It Naptime Yet.' At the moment their givingaway not one, but two of these adorable little socks made to look like bird eggs sitting in a nest.
I love this company. What an original idea! Baby Bunch's items make for great looking gifts for any baby occasion. To think, I had never even heard of them till I started following Mommy blogs a few weeks ago.
I so want to win one of these nest (preferrably in pink) for my granddaughter Natalee and If figure if I don't, then I will just have to break out the old, worn out (sorry hunny) debit card and purchase one. Now that youv'e heard about them I bet your just dying to win one. Well, I will leave a linky here on this post for those of you who are interested.
I would really recommend taking a peak at 'Is It Naptime Yet' I know I liked what I read and I love great giveaways so I will be a follower of her blog for now on. Yeah, Go Bloggers, Go Giveaways!!
If any of you seasoned bloggers have any tips for a old newbie like me, feel free to comment (nicely please). Just let me know what you think of the blog and maybe throw in a few tips here and there on how I can improve it and the appearance of it. If you guys have any info to share I am very interested in doing reviews, any advice would be more than welcome and considered. Keep up the good job Mommy bloggers, I'm hooked for life!
Happy Easter everyone and here's the links I promised:

Be sure to check out the link for the 'Baby Bunch'

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