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Sunshine, Babies and, Easter Baskets

Yes, finally! sunshine here in Bellingham and I am lovin it after two days of cloudy skies, wind, and rain. I just hope it stays this way by Easter Sunday, but I'm not counting on it,this is western Washington.
Today I got to visit with my granddaughter and I was lovin'every minute of it. Natalee is now over two and a half months old and getting cuter by the minute. She's been such an inspiration and a blessing for all of us since my oldest son joined the Army.
Anyhoo...Easter is on it's way, yeah!!! I found another Easter basket giveaway! "Outnumbered 3 to 1" to be given away on April 7th. Yeah, I know that's after Easter but it's all good, right? I know I would love a basket full of goodies any day of the year. Granny sure does love baskets because I entered into this goodie of a contest. The basket is from Gourmet Gift Baskets so you know it's going to be chocked full of goodies galore! Well, I could babble on forever about babies and baskets or I could just leave you with a few links. To all that venture into my little corner, have a happy, blessed Easter!

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