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"The Mommy Files" Has Another Yummy Giveaway

Blogs have become my new favorite pastime lately. I just can't stop following them. I only discovered blogging and blogs two weeks ago after my 2 year absence from the internet. Now, I just can't seem to get enough of them and the giveaways. I fear I am hooked and possibly addicted to them. My son Patrick also agrees. He thinks I should consider rehab :)
Speaking of blogs, just this morning I recieved an email from a blog named " The Mommy Files." Only one of many I subscribe to I must mention. I came across her blog a week or so ago and liked what I saw so now I am a subscriber.
The best part is that with my subscriptions, I have up-to-date blogging news and info about upcoming contest and so forth. Just today, I entered into "The Mommy Files" latest contest to win See's Chocolate. I have tasted See's Chocolate before and let me tell ya folks, it's yummy. So, with that said, here is a little info for ya. The contest runs until Friday, April 2nd so make sure to stop by, say hi,and take an opportunity to check out the site. I will leave a link in the title so you guys can just click on it and check out 'TMF'. Good luck to you guys if you decide to enter and have a wonderful, happy and blessed Easter holiday.

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